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New in This Edition

  • Content refreshed throughout for Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Wireshark v2.0.0
  • Technical examples added based on Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux
  • Improved analysis problems, study/review questions, and updated labs to help students retain what they’re learning better than ever before
  • Bonus content available on MindTap or via special online access:
    • Hands-On Project assessment questions and answers for every chapter
    • Two new chapters on troubleshooting and the practical application of real-world technologies
    • Capstone labs

What’s MindTap?

cengage-logoMindTap for Guide to TCP/IP: IPv6 and IPv4 is an online learning solution designed to help students master the skills they need in today’s workforce. Research shows that employers need critical thinkers, troubleshooters, and creative problem-solvers to stay relevant in our fast-paced, technology-driven world. MindTap helps users achieve this with assignments and activities that provide hands-on practice, real-life relevance, and mastery of difficult concepts.
All MindTap activities and assignments are tied to learning objectives. The hands-on exercises provide real-life application and practice. Readings and “Whiteboard Shorts” support the lecture, while “In the News” assignments encourage students to stay current. Pre- and post-course assessments allow instructors to measure how much students have learned using analytics and reporting that makes it easy to see where the class stands in terms of progress, engagement, and completion rates. The content and learning path can be used as-is, or an instructor can pick and choose what material the students see and when they see it. Learn more at www.cengage.com/mindtap/.


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