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No one source on a topic as complex as IPv6 is truly complete, particularly with the rapid evolution of computer networking protocols. Here we provide links to IPv6 how-to information, the continual development of IPv6, emerging technology, and author publications, including a pointer to author Jeff Carrell’s outstanding IPv6 cheat sheet that summarizes many of its most important addressing, message types, header fields, and more.

Publications by the Authors

Troubleshooting IPv6 with Wireshark, Jeffrey L. Carrell, 2016

IPv6: How To Get Started, Jeff Carrell, 2015

Build Your Own IPv6 Lab, Jeffrey L. Carrell, 2014

Building an Enterprise IPv6 Test Lab, Jeff Carrell and Ed Tittel, 2011

How to Prepare for IPv6 Networking, Ed Tittel and Jeff Carrell, 2011

Working with Protocol Analyzers and Related Certifications, Ed Tittel, 2011

Publications — General

The Power of Protocol Analyzers, Brian Hill, 2016

Spammers Increasingly Hijacking IPv4 Addresses, Ionut Arghire, 2016


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